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Refundle Magazine Bundle Magazine was started 37 years ago in the faculty room at the school I taught at. I wrote up each issue on a typewriter, and printed them one at a time. The magazine was originally published to help my friends and family save money on their monthly grocery bill and get money back from product manufacturers in the form of refunds.

Then, in 1973 I began selling the magazine for a profit. Then, in 1978, I was featured on NBC with Betty Furness and the following week I received over 25,000 letters in the mail. From that time forward, the magazine soared in popularity, boasting over 400,000 subscribers from its original thirteen.

Today, once again, people are looking for ways to save money on their bills, so for first time, I am offering my money saving magazine for FREE to my loyal membership base.

The magazine includes tips, internet savings, coupon swapping, company information, freebies, tidbits about my family life and much more. Everything you need to save money at the supermarket and get cash back from the manufacturers.

Thank you and enjoy the magazine!


Susan J. Samtur
The Original Coupon Queen
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